Are they weather proof?
  The control boxes are splash resistant, but should not be exposed continuously to rain or other liquids. The strips themselves are completely waterproof.
Do they illuminate well enough to be seen in daylight?
  The lights are visible in daylight, but the effect is greater when used indoors or at night.
What's the battery life?
  A wireless flag pole has been tested to run for 90 minutes when displaying a typical light sequence at full brightness. Frequently using bright white light will decrease this time, while using lower brightness settings will extend it.
Battery warranty?
  Send the faulty unit to us and we'll replace the battery. Exact warranty terms have not yet been decided, but there will be one.
Is it possible to light other props and other objects?

Yes! We just need to know the thing you're trying to light, and we can provide LED strips to fit it along with an appropriate receiver.

Do we have to purchase the controller to use the lights?
  Yes, for the time being. A simple, controller-free version is in the works.
Can the poles and rifles withstand the impact of a drop?
  The poles and rifles are designed to be used the same way as their non-lighted counterparts. They can withstand the kind of impacts that come from normal use of these items.
  The poles weigh about 3 pounds. A lighter version is in the works.

Length: 6 feet            

Diameter: 1.25 inches
What is the turn around time after purchase?
  This will vary depending on how many of each item is ordered, but most orders will be ready to go within four weeks.
What is the range of the wireless controller?
  It has been tested outdoors to work up to 1,000 feet when transmitting through a person's body. Greater distances are possible with a clear line of sight from transmitter to receiver.
How many units can be controlled at one time?
  There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be controlled by a single control board. The basic programming scheme allows up to twelve independent groups of receivers, with the maximum number of independent groups being 48.
How many scenes can be programmed?
  The control board can store up to 240 scenes.